Customer Experience Driven Development

An interesting article about how the product and service problem for business evolved. And how Customer Journey Mapping can be used to understand how customers experience a service.

My Takeaway:

At first the key to entering a market was the physical and technical ability to create a product. If it could be built it could be sold.

Then services became important, the solution to a problem. To be successful your product had to solve a problem. For business it meant understanding the problem people wanted to solve and designing a solution to that problem.

With the abundance of services, services blurred into experiences. The combination of complementing services into a customer experience. For business, it meant not only understanding the problem, but understanding the context and designing a full end-to-end service experience.

It is not about making a pizza, it is about ordering, paying, and delivering the pizza. The customer wants the pizza on his table. The experience of how smoothly that happens is the product today. That is what brings the customer back.

In terms of customer experience human-centred design requires research and hypotheses validation to determine what works and what does not. Customer Journey Mapping is a useful tool to visualize how customers experience a product service and how they feel along the way.

(see Atlassian

Atlassian: Customer Journey Map Example


Design for real people (Experience driven development – Part 1)

By Igor Arkhipov, Business Analysis Practice Manager.
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